A Canadian Rockies Vacation – In one word Spectacular


Canadian Rocky Mountains

A Canadian Rockies vacation will put you in the middle of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. As you can see the mountains are spectacular and the lakes are a beautiful Emerald green. Can you imagine what it was like trying to build a road and a railway through the Rockies from Alberta to British Columbia ? It was quite a job but I’m sure happy they did. It has given us the opportunity for outstanding fishing, skiing, hiking, golfing and just about any other recreational activity that you can imagine.



Hot Springs

A Canadian Rockies vacation is not complete unless you stop for a dip in the hot springs. If you have never had the luxury of relaxing in a hot springs just imagine relaxing in a giant hot tub only better. Located in Banff National Park you will find the Banff Upper Hot Springs.┬áThis hot spring has a restored 1930’s bath house and it is open all year round.

After a dip in the pool you can also enjoy a massage at the spa or feast at the restaurant.If you have kids they will just love it here. Two other Hot Springs that you can enjoy are the Radium Hot Springs located in Kootney National Park and Miette Hot Springs located in Jasper National Park. I have been to all 3 and I can say I truly loved every minute at each one.



The Rocky Mountaineer

All Aboard! That is the signal that a life time adventure has just begun. The Rocky Mountaineer Train vacation has won the 2005 World Travel Award for the world’s best train experience.

Winding your way through majestic mountain scenery is just the beginning. The Gold Leaf Mountaineer has a dome shaped upper level so you can get a full panoramic view of the country side. Just imagine you get to see country that hasn’t been touched in over 100 years. You will also get to see wildlife as you gently roll along the tracks.

If you get hungry then you get to experience some of the best food the country has to offer right on the train. Luxury and service are just a few things to expect on your trip. Another great thing about a Rocky Mountaineer Vacation is you can make your trip anywhere’s from a 1 night/2day trip up to a 12 day rail adventure. For a Canadian Rockies Vacation you couldn’t ask for more.



Canadian Rockies National Parks

Let’s start with Banff National Park. Located just West of Calgary the park has become a destination of movie stars, and royalty from around the world. The town of Banff itself is such a beautiful spot that even Deer and Elk have wondered into town with no fear. While at the park you be sure to take a trip to Lake Louise and journey into the year round ice fields. Then just West of Edmonton Alberta is Jasper National Park. This is the largest of the Canadian Rockies National parks and also home of the Columbia Ice fields. If you travel to Jasper Lake you can see the only sand dunes in the Canadian Rockies this is not far off the Yellowhead Highway. If you love to hike also be sure to check out Sunwapta Falls. You won’t be disappointed at the beauty. Yoho and Kootney National Parks are both on the British Columbia side of the Rockies and are just as beautiful as the other parks.


They are all gems just waiting for you to come and explore. The only thing that you will wish for is more time to truly enjoy these little touches of paradise.

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